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Take a broader approach to a better future

If you believe it is time for fresh thinking on wealth management, your wait is over.

At AFH, we believe that successfully growing your wealth has to begin with an effective financial plan – that’s why we’ve combined the two disciplines in an end-to-end holistic service that we, unsurprisingly, call “financial-planning-led wealth management”.

Our approach is simple: we provide a professionally qualified financial adviser to understand you and your financial needs and objectives. Your AFH adviser will be supported by a team of financial planning specialists who will prioritise and create your comprehensive financial plan. 

We understand how important it is to ensure your money grows and maintains its buying power. Few advisory businesses have access to the necessary specialists in-house, and instead outsource which can make it expensive for clients. Our advisers are backed by our in-house team of investment professionals whose sole objective is to ensure your success.

Your adviser brings these services together and helps deliver understanding and ongoing review which is essential in any planning.

Of course, we are more than happy to provide advice to our clients on any single area of their financial future, but our holistic, end-to-end, approach will assure you of properly thought-out planning and management you may struggle to find elsewhere. 

Trust in a specialist relationship

Your AFH adviser will be the fulcrum of your planning and in our experience we find that they become a highly trusted member of your family and wider personal circle. Their ability to understand you and your personal dreams and aspirations, their special AFH training and broad knowledge of financial planning will enable them to coordinate and lead the AFH teams behind them to deliver peace of mind and assist you in building a secure future. 

Enjoy the benefits of economy of scale

When it comes to financial planning and wealth management, size matters. The cost of accessing the right financial infrastructure and investments has an impact on returns. Small companies carry little weight in negotiations to cut third-party fees. On the other hand, firms with scale tend to use their buying power to drive costs down, to increase their own profits. 

AFH are different, we commit to use our position as one of the country’s biggest wealth management firms to reduce the costs to our customers on an ongoing basis.  

At AFH you join our “community” where every member shares in our success as we grow.  So whether you are using an old school IFA with a narrow approach, a small advisory firm with limited resources, or a large firm that doesn’t pass on its cost savings you will probably enjoy a better future with us.

Discover how financial planning led wealth management can help make your future better. 

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