Features of the Discretionary service

  • Regular portfolio assessment and rebalance in line with your investment objectives, risk profile, and in response to market changes
  • Efficient approach – your discretionary fund manager will act on your behalf, meaning responses to market changes can be implemented as quickly as possible
  • Phased investment of your money to support the minimising of risk
  • Ideal if you want less paperwork

What does the Discretionary portfolio management service offer me?

Why should I use a discretionary fund manager?

AFH offers you in-house Discretionary expertise. In 2008, we gained discretionary permissions, which allow us to offer our clients a discretionary investment service. This means we no longer need to outsource the management of our Discretionary clients’ funds to a third party, so we can pass on those cost savings to you. 

The advantages of using a discretionary fund manager (DFM) are plentiful. Our highly qualified and skilled DFMs remove all the work and worry involved in managing your portfolio by using their discretion, fund management experience and research expertise to make changes to your investments on your behalf. They act defensively in critical times to help you make the most of emerging opportunities, or to limit the effects of market instability. Your AFH adviser will remain your first point of contact when it comes to discussing your portfolio and overall financial plan, but you can be assured that your adviser’s recommendations will be backed by a wealth of in-house knowledge and expertise.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Investments managed on the Discretionary service can go down as well as up.

Features of the Advisory service

  • Fixed-interval portfolio assessment and rebalance in line with your investment objectives and risk profile
  • Available regardless of where your investments are held
  • Immediate investment of your money as soon as we receive it
  • Ideal if you want more control – you decide on any changes to your portfolio

What does the Advisory portfolio management service offer me?

Does an Advisory investment service mean more paperwork for me?

The investment proposition you choose will be suited to your needs and investment objectives; there is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to sound financial planning. The investment services we offer at AFH can prove beneficial depending on your risk appetite, capacity for loss, tolerance to market instability, and the expectations you have from your adviser and your financial plan.

Our Advisory portfolio management service could prove a suitable option if you’re looking for more control over the management of your portfolio. On pre-determined dates—agreed upon when you become an AFH client—we will use the AFH Investment Research team’s recommendations to make changes to your portfolio; but the final decision to implement any changes will rest with you. In effect, yes, there is more paperwork involved when it comes to our Advisory portfolio management service, but the goal is to ensure you have complete control over your portfolio decisions.

You will be in regular contact with your adviser to discuss any changes or concerns, but once your portfolio has been reassessed and rebalanced, we cannot make changes again until your next agreed assessment date. This means that our investment team won’t be able to take a defensive approach and act on market changes in the time between portfolio assessments. Nonetheless, you will continue to benefit from the research expertise and investment experience available at AFH just as a Discretionary service client would.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Investments managed on the Advisory service can go down as well as up. 

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