Bringing together more than 300 years of investment experience.

The Investment Committee (IC) at AFH brings together over 300 years of investment experience. The Committee is made up of specialists from within and outside of the business—including portfolio managers, a chief economist, sales and operations senior management and independent voting members—who meet on a monthly basis, and more frequently when needed. It is made up of a decision-making forum and an auditing forum, known as the Investment Committee and the Investment Audit Committee, respectively. 

The Investment Committee serves as the start and end point for all matters concerning the investment strategy for the Group. It ensures that thefirm’s investment vision is materialised into benefits at portfolio level – ultimately informing and shaping everything we do at AFH. The objectives of the Investment Committee are to develop the investment strategy for the business; create a tactical asset allocation overlay to our strategic asset allocations in light of global macroeconomic analysis, and review and approve the output of the Investment Research team from a portfolio construction perspective.

Investment Sub-Committee (ISC) 

The Investment Sub-Committee (ISC)— granted delegated power by the Investment Committee— reacts promptly and efficiently to economic and financial changes in between official monthly Committee meetings. The ISC holds decision-making power, and facilitates the implementation of responses to market change, in order to protect our clients. The Investment Committee plays a continuous role in confirming and reviewing parameters for the (ISC) to operate within successfully.

Investment Audit Committee (IAC)

The Investment Audit Committee is tasked with the constant and consistent challenge, evaluation and assessment of Investment Committee practices in order to protect clients and to ensure client benefit is derived from the Committee’s expertise.

The IAC is chaired by Austin Broad, Group Head of Advice, and includes Alex Larvin, Group Head of Risk and Mark Chambers, Non-Executive Director at AFH. Austin and Alex bring a wealth of risk and financial services knowledge to their roles in the IAC, while Mark has over 30 years of financial and business experience, having spent 19 years at Man Group Plc in a range of senior roles including Head of Institutional Sales, and Head of Global Banking Sales. He has previously held senior positions at Daiwa Europe Ltd and County NatWest Securities Ltd. and is a member of the AFH Group Remuneration Committee, and a trustee of the Man Group Plc pension fund.

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