Matthew Allen

Mat Allen - Copy

About me

I’ve been self-employed as a financial advisor for 30 years and have always enjoyed making my own way in the world.  As one of the founding Directors at Mulberry (which we sold to AFH in 2019), I still maintain a client-facing role as a Chartered Financial Planner, alongside my responsibilities for managing the activity at our Twickenham office.

Why saving is important to me?

My wife and I want to have choice and flexibility about how we enjoy life now and in the future. Financial planning gives us that choice. It could allow us to work less, retire early or travel more. Hopefully all of the above!


Interesting fact

I enjoy coaching track focused motorcycle rider training in my spare time – you know what they say - those who can’t do, teach!


Specialist areas of advice

  • Saving & investments
  • Pension & retirement planning
  • Estate planning 
  • Taxation 
  • Family Protection
  • Mortgages



Twickenham, London and the surrounding areas.