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The AFH approach to advice led wealth management

Financial planning can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. At AFH, we take pride in helping you to build a better future for yourself whatever your current financial position. Your introduction into the AFH community will begin with the following six-step journey:

Step One: Getting to know AFH: We believe that the foundation of any successful relationship is trust – and nowhere is that more important than in your relationship with your AFH adviser. As a prospective member, you’ll begin your journey with an introductory meeting to get to know your adviser and reassure yourself that he or she is the right person for the job. He or she will introduce you to our unique approach, and explain how our teams of professionals provide the support to create and tailor your plan. 

Step Two: Getting to know YOU: We believe you already know what you want from your financial plan – whether you realise it or not. We’ll help you unlock this knowledge and identify your primary needs and create meaningful objectives. The preparation of a successful plan requires us to gain a full understanding of your personal views and financial circumstances which includes how you understand and view investment risk, your appetite for investment risk, your tolerance to potential losses and your financial resilience to withstand unexpected financial events.

Step Three: Setting an agenda: Your adviser will utilise the AFH team of professional financial planners to develop your personalised financial plan to achieve the financial needs and objectives set. This can be daunting and just like eating an elephant, we will plan to do it a piece at a time by working with you to prioritise the financial needs and objectives from outset. 

Step Four: A bespoke financial plan: Because of the importance we attach to Independence, we will be able to work with existing products and where appropriate suggest new products and investment opportunities from the whole market to bring the plan to life. The plan is truly holistic, addressing short, medium and long term investment, protection against sickness, accident, disability or death, tax planning, succession and estate planning, and many more. The result is a comprehensive and unbiased wealth management strategy tailor-made to achieve your personal goals.

Step Five: Putting it into action: Once you’ve had time to think through the recommendations we’ve provided, we’ll set up another meeting to answer any questions and complete any work required.

Step Six: Monitoring and evaluating your plan: No matter how good the plan, without ongoing assessment it is doomed to failure as one thing in life is for sure, things change or happen unexpectedly. We agree a schedule of reviews to make sure you remain on track to re-evaluate and achieve your objectives. This keeps your plan dynamic, and gives it the best chance of performing the way you want it to. 

Benefit from our powerful blueprint for wealth management

Our wealth management philosophy is built upon a number of principles that, taken together, describe a holistic approach to investment. Those principles are:

Risk and Reward

The potential to generate a better return depends on the level of financial risk that you are willing to take.


Mixing a range of assets that behave differently in a portfolio should help lower the risk of investing


No single investment style provides the total solution. We are style agnostic and therefore use a range of investment styles in our solutions to get the best out of the economic conditions that prevail at a given time with the ability to change when required. 


The use of benchmarks to assess investment performance runs the risk of constraining investment choice and innovation. We therefore relate investment performance to the achievement of individual needs and objectives to ensure focus and maximum choice.  


The cost of investing is always an important consideration. These costs ultimately erode the performance of a portfolio which is why reducing them is a central plank of our strategy. 

This description of our approach is for generic information only and is not suggesting a suitable investment strategy for you. You should seek independent financial advice that takes your individual circumstances into account prior to proceeding with any course of action.

The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

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